In 1997 I worked extensively with those people considering early retirement from the Quebec government. These were mostly members of RREGOP. At that time, there was a need for financial planning information about the early retirement package and how this could fit into a financial plan. There were many questions being asked:

I built a webiste and prepared a booklet called RREGOP, Retirement and Financial Planning that answered most of these types of questions.

The website that I built in 1997 has become outdated due to changes in tax law and pension reform. In addition to this, CARRA has built an excellent site that responds better to the needs of it's members than I could possibly hope to.

For this reason, I have removed the website that I built for members of CARRA and RREGOP. For your financial and retirement planning needs I would suggest that you go here: and for information about your RREGOP pension plan with CARRA, I would suggest that you go here: